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"PC Problems? We'll Come to You!"

mobile computer repair service
THE PROMOBILE (pro_mow_beel)


The original Concept of The Promobile was designed by The Mobile PC Pros Founder Brenden R. Morris. The base model Honda CR-Z combines optimum fuel efficiency and cargo space for any PC Pro's job. The hatchback design makes it easy for our technicians to move and transfer computers, networking equipment, and other office IT equipment with ease!


Fuel and mileage efficiency were major factors when deciding the model of The Promobile. We strive to be a green company (hence our color choices), because we care about the environment. Most of our services do not require any paper, and we process everything digitally. Green is symbolic in nature for growth, we truly believe that our services provide residential and business clients with the ability to grow when it comes to technology. We train business staff and home users in every way possible, sharing our knowledge to educate others.

Our service is entirely mobile, which means we come to you. Many IT service providers don't understand the difficulty users have when trying to bring a computer in for servicing. Getting down on the ground, unplugging everything, getting dust everywhere, and having to physically move computers and IT equipment can be a really difficult job. Not to mention, putting it all back in place once the repair is done! This is why we have created a system where we come to you, take the load off your hands, and if necessary we will even pick up your computer, and bring it back to you, making sure it is in working order before we leave. We have found this is the best way to provide IT services to our clients, and we only strive for the best service possible.

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